MTA Increases Their Green Footprint

MTA Increases Their Green Footprint   

MTA (Maryland Transit Administration) is picking up the initiative of going green!  Based on the interview in March 2013, “MTA plans to replace all its gas and diesel buses with an all-hybrid fleet of approximately 700 electric buses by the year 2020. Currently, 39% of their transportation fleets are hybrids and they are working towards raising that percentage. MTA is currently working with the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council on installation of additional Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging units at MTA commuter bus and rail stations. MTA has already installed 14 EV charging stations in four parking lots across the system. They have modified our bus stops to accommodate our ever-growing fleet of hybrid buses. Currently speaking, 298 buses are in service now, going from route to route providing services to commuters.”

            As for incentives such as discounts and passes for going green, “fees are not being charged for the services of the charging stations that are currently installed, although speculations are underway in discussion about possible fees in the near future starting from 2014. Benefit programs like the Commuter Choice Maryland is already providing opportunities for employer and employee members to ride the MTA transit for less than full fare. The current maximum tax-free commuter benefit is $245 per month in the form of passes.”

 Several questions have been raised concerning the going green initiative.  Questions like “Where is the funding coming from? Is this going to cost consumers more because of the electric feature?”  Well, raise no more questions! “MTA will be participating in a grant program with the Maryland Energy Administration to install PEV charging units at MTA facilities. MTA looks forward to incorporate this idea and eliminate the use and high cost of using gas or diesel for transportation, and look forward to contributing a pollute-free environment.” Go MTA!

Written By Sarah Olaleye


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