#EVRevolution + Government = Public Benifit

As the ideas of sustainability and energy management become more globally recognized, people are wondering how exactly these lucid dreams will become a reality. Since the early 2000s, governments and companies worldwide have been supporting and creating programs dealing with the adoption of Sustainable Energies, Electric Vehicles, and the Smart Grid so that in the end, we can be more self-sustainable, which will inevitably and eventually help with the global economic deficit.

But let’s focus on what’s around us. In New York, Governor Cuomo touched on many green issues in his 2013 State of the State address.  He spoke of Relief in response to severe weather/disasters, renewable energies, green job creation, and my favorite, the “Charge NY Plan.” The plan is to install over 2,500 public and workplace charging stations, so that a state-wide network of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) charging stations is created. (Ever heard of this little place called Estonia? They have the best example of a connected charging network in the world! They have 1 charging unit to every 4 people). Another great NY entity:  the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). This Public-Benefit Corp. uses the money from Cap and Trade Programs, for example, to support energy research and development. The idea is that the more emissions companies release into the air, the more money they have to pay. These payments then go into clean energy programs.

But of course, New York is not the only state with green economic ideals. Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Washington, and many others have jumped on the “Sustainable and Clean Energy Development and Management Bandwagon”. Our home state, Maryland is making great moves towards a greener future.  Maryland is part of the RGGI initiative, which helps support the Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) initiatives. Maryland also has plans to offset Maryland’s energy consumption with “Solar” and “Wind” farms. Maryland, fronted by Governor O’Malley has started a council within its Transportation Authority, MD Department of Transportation (MDOT). The initiative is called the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (EVIC) which created an action plan and a vision to support the adoption of the electric vehicles and the Smart Grid in the state of MD. Also, the city of Baltimore has already begun to change its entire public transportation fleet to clean hybrid buses.

To recap, this means “Going Green” is gaining more support with the awareness of the movement and from a kick-start from the government. Yes, these are real jobs that are being created, they just happen to be green. The competitive economy can benefit from it. These kinds of actions and agendas benefit everyone, and show results in the market.

EVI’s suggestion, research your state’s Green initiatives and Public-Benifit Corporations are doing for you.

-EVI Lorraine


5 responses to “#EVRevolution + Government = Public Benifit

  1. This is very interesting incite on how the government is pushing for a Greener World. I believe the #EVRevolution depends on the state and federal government efforts to save the environment by reducing emissions from vehicle and promoting alternative fuel vehicles to the public. New York’s “Charge NY” is a great promotion strategy to get New Yorker’s talking and being more interested in EVs, which most likely adopt new consumers to the EV market. It is also a good idea to promote that NY can adopt NEV, since the average New Yorker’s travel less than 20 miles a day. Which is great for drivers considering EVs, since they average 70 miles per charge, and with these new charging stations recharging will not be a problem even for an avid driver. As a fellow New Yorker I am in the market to purchase an electric car for all the benefits it will give to the environment and I to have a greener tomorrow.

  2. I feel like Maryland has put valued efforts into making our state more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Their efforts include making more charging stations available to consumers, funding on alternative fuel vehicles, starting new programs and departments for sustainable future, and converting MTA vehicles to hybrids. These are good start up plans to make MD as an avid member of the #EVRevolution. Another way MD can transform their fleets will be to adopt electric taxis to replace gas-powered vehicles to promote sustainability. This will get more Maryland drivers interested in electric vehicles. Its just the start of a greener Maryland and I am looking forward for this change.

  3. The parts of the country not participating in the various cap and trade programs need to wake up. C’mon New Jersey, stop being silly.

  4. This is such a positive development! I love that Maryland as well as other states are taking the necessary steps today to ensure a better tomorrow. Thank you @EVInstitute for writing about this! #EVRevolution

  5. I’m happy to see that my state (Maryland) has adopted the initiative. We need the green lifestyle especially when the economy is adopting a technology-driven lifestyle. Safety is a priority for the environment. As for the job creation, let’s hope that they include the young generations in the hiring process and not some old heads. Give the young ones a chance at life!!!

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